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Mittwoch, September 21

Preparations for Korea

It has been nearly a month now that I am in Pusan. Time flies! But I tell you, a lot of preparation had to be done until I could take the flight to Korea. Applying for a visa, application of dormitory housing, financial proof, application for a scholarship, health check and much more. I would recommend you to start doing it as soon as possible. I had minor complications which resolved quite quickly but it was a very stressful period. I started my trip on the 22nd August with my family. We visited our family in Vietnam and spent a few days in Phan Thiet, Mui ne. I have not been to Vietnam since 2008. It has been 9 years. When I arrived at Tan Son Nhat airport, it felt like nothing has changed, but on the other hand, everything seemed different. I mean, I was 15 the last time I visited this place. It was nice seeing my cousin again..and seeing her husband which she only met in 2008. I remember being a cheeky teenage girl, I stole her phone at that time and wrote love messages to him, pretending I was her! I still believe that they started dating after I have set them up. We immediately drove to the hotel and sorted out our luggages. I really have to admit that I was scared to die in the cab as I forgot how the traffic was. It is CRAZY!!! Motorbikes everywhere! Traffic rules in Vietnam? I don't think that these people have heard of rules before. I am still fascinated that I have not seen any accidents yet.

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